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Hit in the rear at 90mph!

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This is what some asshole on the 5 freeway managed as he was doing 80-90 mph trying to keep up in a ford f-250. I was a distance ahead of him when traffic came to a sudden stop ahead of me. I stopped with plenty of room ahead of me but dickhead in the Ford apparently wasnt paying attention. When the highway patrol showed, I was lucky a few witnesses stuck around because the only skid marks were my own which made me look partially at fault but witnesses confirmed I was at a complete stop with plenty of room between me and the car in front of me which was also totaled.

Considering being hit by a truck moving at approx 90 mph and not even tapping his breaks, the e92 held up pretty well. I know if I were in any other car I wouldnt be walking or possibly breathing. With the exception of a few broken teeth from the steering wheel and banged up back, which I dont think will be permenant, I consider myself pretty lucky and know that I will not drive anything other than a BMW. I may have to wait though until I receive a settlement to lease or buy a new one due to being out of work for a bit and getting a few 30 days lates on my credit report.

Does anyone know how to manipulate BMW into overlooking credit blemishes caused by an accident when they obviously can confirm dates etc.? I never missed a payment with BMWFS.

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i should offer him a straight-up trade
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