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honda crap for free:

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write on this thread

I have a lot of brackets ac/ ps motor mounts injectors intakes starters altenators just let me know what you want and don't pm just write below. If nobody gets this crap it is trashed monday.
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what injectors do you have?
what kinda intake
wtf..who cares what it is, its free if i was remotely close i'd be on it.
YOU HAVE TO TELL ME WHAT YOU NEED. Then I will tell you if I have it.
Z6 intakes, injectors, f22 injectors, Z6 starter, Z6 altenator, Z6 mount and bracket (dr top), transmounts, z6 flywheels, bare ls intake, z6 trottle bodies, ls throttle body, d15y8 throttle body, z6 ac brackets, power steering pumps, d15y8 bottom end unknown condition, d16 shift linkages, and alot more.
want the bottom end and all the d16z6 stuff can come get tomorrow let me know
where are you located?
if your close to me ill take the d15 stuff for the gfs car
hes in Portland guys..says it right in his thread
I will take everything you have. Always needing extra. PM me your number.
If he doesn't I will...I've got 5 Hondas here I need stuff for all the time!! Thanks
if any ofthis is still available i could come get it tomorro after 1ish..
pm me ure number or call or text me 6156929403
i need all the z6 stuff
ill pick them up today after work man let me know...
by any chance you got any distributers for a 92 integra?
is the price negotiable?
somewhat interested
where are you located interested in what ever left
is the price negotiable?
somewhat interested
It's free.. Too bad you can't read lol.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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