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hondas and tow hooks.

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i just dont fucking get it. why the hell does your honda need 2 fucking tow hooks??? about 7/8 of the cars never see a track so whats the point? or could it be that they break down all the time?
please enlighten me on why
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cup holder what up
adler made a thread about this a while back
its ok anthony, i drive a honda, hell, i own 3.
none of mine have those aftermarket tow hooks.

i dont get it either.
all of my honda's came factory with tow hooks....
because my frog hangs on the tow hook!!
for a coke holder, duh

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Its not a tow hook. Its a fail hook. Thats why only hondas rock them.
The subie I understand. Their trans issues need fail hooks.
the camry and the outback have them from the factory .... hidden behind the bumpers like theyre supposed to be
For the same reason you have "Drift" decals on your car but cant drift....
Its a style...

If the car is low, or has a nice front lip, it may be a problem to get to the factory tow hook.

I rock one, but it has been used to go to a track, and its black.
:thumbup: i almost forgot that i need to pick one up for the teg thxs guy for reminding me
I wish I had a tow hook on my integra when I got it towed.
Would have saved the front lip... Reason being is when they attached to the
tow hook under the front bumper, the tow truck was ofcourse higher and in turn the chain
put tension on the front bumper and lip, and ByeBye lip....
They have funtion, But are rarely used in such a manner.
im not defending them, I never had em, And I dont think Id everr buy them.
But for that one time I did wish I had em.

I do like the below setup,

I would take off and keep the swivel/circle part in the glovebox and if ever needed,
just hook it up. would also prevent a theif from using it to tow...
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Jose-Aka-Pedro said:
For the same reason you have "Drift" decals on your car but cant drift....
Its a style...

hahahahaha nice
oh yeah ive never had them but u dont have two tow hooks when u put these on they bolt into the oem position
why does it matter its not your car so dont worry about it
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