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HybridKyle's Civic Sedan build

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PICS THROUGHOUT!!! I will be a pic whore after this...
Thought I would put this up on here since I am taking pics and everything while I am building my car. This thing will be on a serious budget!! I have most everything that is going on it anyways, so money out of pocket will be minimal...HOPEFULLY!!

I started with my new (to me) Sedan Civic. Motor has a rod knock and I was wanting to do something with it anyway. My friend Bill and I are starting a shop and so he is helping me allot along the way on this build...thanks Bill!! Also cannot forget to say thanks to my buddy John for helping also, (someday he might build something :D)

Still waiting to be able to buy some parts that I need to get the motor in but so far so good... started 11/02/08

Just getting started

Motor out

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Future plans are very flexible... I have a B16A to throw in it, I just need some Integra mounts to get it in there.

I have GSR front brakes to go on when I have some larger wheels to clear the caliper.
Del Sol rear discs to go on later down the road.
Del Sol Si steering rack
Springs going on it too

Still trying to decide on keeping the power steering or not, IDK, I am ditching the A/C for now.

Also doing a wire tuck, I am by no means a pro at this, my first one...but it seems really straight forward and I have nothing but time right now waiting to find mounts. Here are some pics so far....

And HEL YA I am keeping the cruise!!

Pic of the motor as it sits
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Bout time you did sumthin with that b16 *****
What you talking about man.... :) besides, not really anyone knew I had it, and it is not staying in there forever!! Come help me work on this shit!!!! Oh and I got to get my header fixed since I never noticed it was welded back up on the bottom...hard to let go of a Mugen header I guess!

Have you started the swap yet? Plan out everything you want to do to it while the motor is out!! Best advice anyone could ever get, all my buddies keep trying to get me to just drop it in. I am doing it my way this time.
i here ya i'm saving cash to have my motor properly built and assembled.

I'm working on my shell myself I'm striping the sound tar in the cabin and cleaning up the engine bay in my yard right now.
Oh...I am going for the fast luxury...need all the sound deadning I can get!

Great to see another white sedan getting built up!
Yeah, you're my inspiration Seth! :D Honestly though, love your car man, I will try to not imitate yours...to much :thumbup:
Ditch the power steering and put in a manual rack in it.
I would love to find a manual rack for one of my power racks!! ;) Any hints???
i knew u had it lol

u should paint the engine bay while the engine is out. you'll be glad u did later on.
Oh, yeah you and Drew...thats about it!!

Yeah, not sure on the paint yet, but I will definately be scrubbing the shit outta it and repainting some brackets. We will see how it looks after that.

Now, just need to find some mounts.... hmmmmm :-?
I wish I had a build thread....but no projects for me
Hell man, if you could I would sell you a perfect project car.... ;)
94 Civic Coupe...not running, auto but I have everything to convert to manual.
I think a rack out of a eg cx hatch will work
Yeah, I know what cars to get them from, but I don't really want to spend the cash and I have 2 power racks here that I guess I should get rid of....
Wire tuck is coming along nicely....we were up til 4am this morning working on it, well, more like talking about old times and thinking about working on it!! I need to get some 15" wheels donated so I can install my brakes... :thumbup:



AND, the other issue I am having right now.... mounts
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If you just tuck the chasis harness for the lights and stuff then a few hours...depending on exactly how you do it. I am doing the engine harness, fuse box, and the battery also.... Trip just came by not long ago, ask him how I was pulling my fucking hair out from wiring!!! SUCKS!!! But I am getting close.

Updated pics in the next day or so...
yeah he said you were pretty deep in it
I am, but it is 99% done now...
The motor should be going in today, finished the tuck and everything. It was a bitch! Hopefully I can get some help around here...

I will also be getting up the pics of the bay with completed tuck sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.

good build bro im putting a b16 with a lsd in mine guess its the season for 4doors now haha gl with the build
All the people that I know are getting old and have kids...so 4 do is the way to go. The B16 is just a temp. fix!! :D I have other plans!! :cool:

DAMN !!!
With all the EG and EJ builds... there should be a flood by I.A. next year.
Looks good bro, I am still gathering parts and trying to sell parts.
Hey do you need a shift linkage or mounts or maybe a ECU P-30?
I might need those mounts and the P30..... PM me a price on both please, I will know on both here the next day or two.

I have a chipped P28 for it, but not sure how it is going to do, I don't really trust chipped ECU's unless I have it chipped and tuned.

I was hoping to have it at IA this weekend...but doesn't look so good. She should be in a whole new light come IA next year.
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Engine bay BEFORE:

AFTER: (nothing else will be going in here except the motor and an intake)

A couple more shots:

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Just got back from getting brackets to bolt the motor in..... should be tonight, but not sure yet I may wait until tomorrow so I can clean everything and get it painted wrinkle black. I also need a damn knock sensor, mines broke off.
Done.... BWAHAHAHAHA, Get pics in a little while. Still need a damn knock sensor though. I am not paying almost $200 from Honda either!!
Nope, which is weird...it should have one! It is the damn TPS that always breaks off, the knock sensor is up under the intake manifold, and I didn't break it. It was like that when we pulled the motor from the EK. Probably why it was in limp mode... ;)
Clean civic.. My girl has a white sedan just the same.. Has a d16z6, Just waiting on the funds to start building .. GL looks good
Thanks man!! Let me do the tuck when you swap it :D

On to some pics I just took....

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I will when I get everything put back in under the dash...might be a couple days.

Haven't decided whether or not I will be showing all my tricks!! :cool: :cool: JK, but no, for real...
I hope so....still was in limp mode, so I am hoping that it was in the wiring of the EK.
Thanks man!! If it still seems messed up when I start it I will be getting that P30 from you. AND finding a knock sensor
Yeah, I pulled this motor from a 99 Civic EX... jumper harness for it but the harness was hacked to shit. I thought that the P28 would not have it...we will see how it goes.
I did look at a D16Y8 I hav here and it looks like there is a place for the knock sensor but not on the D16Z6... maybe OBD2-B has them.... ?? I'll check on that tomorrow if I have time.
I think we need to put together collective info and get a sticky for this kind of stuff. We need something more informative here.
What about the harness from your civic..? Just delet all the OBD-2 stuff then run your civic harness....and run any additional wires as needed. Here is a link from Honda-tech (HATER-TECH ).....cough...hmmm...sorry I think i might be getting sick.;)
All kinds of info on everything you should check it out.
I am using my harness from my Civic...common man, I am not that dumb :( I was just saying I thought the reason it ran bad in the EK is because the harness was all hacked up. I ditched that harness and am just modifing a DelSol Si harness for ease of all the wires being there. Then I depinned the body harness on the DelSol to get the additional wires I needed.

Will you be adding a coupe bumper? And nice tuck..err wire tuck btw
Probably not, I like the sedan bumper, I will be adding a lip and some fogs to it though. And thanks!!
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