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HybridKyle's Civic Sedan build

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PICS THROUGHOUT!!! I will be a pic whore after this...
Thought I would put this up on here since I am taking pics and everything while I am building my car. This thing will be on a serious budget!! I have most everything that is going on it anyways, so money out of pocket will be minimal...HOPEFULLY!!

I started with my new (to me) Sedan Civic. Motor has a rod knock and I was wanting to do something with it anyway. My friend Bill and I are starting a shop and so he is helping me allot along the way on this build...thanks Bill!! Also cannot forget to say thanks to my buddy John for helping also, (someday he might build something :D)

Still waiting to be able to buy some parts that I need to get the motor in but so far so good... started 11/02/08

Just getting started

Motor out

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Nice, I'm doing a LS swap with my 4-door.
i here ya i'm saving cash to have my motor properly built and assembled.

I'm working on my shell myself I'm striping the sound tar in the cabin and cleaning up the engine bay in my yard right now.
1 - 2 of 78 Posts
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