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yeah we went camping on friday and slipped off of a rock while i was carrying fire wood and broke my tibia now i have a cast on up to my knee for a couple of months... so im sittin at the house bored as hell.......this sucks

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Well atleast it wasnt a hand

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post pics of x-ray, do it do it now!!!

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um, lol they have to give you your x rays if you want them.

Anyway, that sucks bro!

If you get a wheel chair, or use em at store, Learn to do wheelies. lol
I always said, if something happened to me and I needed a wheel chair forever,
It would be re painted, custom wheels and Id learn to ballence a wheelie.
lol and id add a jdm tow hoof for the haters. :lol:

I broke both my wrists+growth plates and like 4 fingers, shatterd one.
lifes a birch!

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no, they don't have to give you your actual xrays=they cost money and if you loose them, you'll have to pay for new ones *unless they did them digitally= they can print up copy of those easily and they're stored in memory. ask your dr. next appoinment.

breaking a bone sucks!! sorry bout your luck during the last good weather months.

just sit down somewhere and let it heal- get a few magazine to build up your arm strength! hahaha
careful with those tabs!!

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