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i broke my leg

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yeah we went camping on friday and slipped off of a rock while i was carrying fire wood and broke my tibia now i have a cast on up to my knee for a couple of months... so im sittin at the house bored as hell.......this sucks
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Well atleast it wasnt a hand
that really sucks man. I guess I'm lucky, I've never broke anything lol
yeah i have to b on short term dissability cause i cant work cause of my cast so i have to take time off
That and you can't drive. That sucks man.
Well if you get a wheel chair; atleast you'll have something fast to drive.

Joking aside.

Sucks man. Sorry to hear that!
yeah it sucks not bein able to drive :(
post pics of x-ray, do it do it now!!!
rx7 vinnie said:
post pics of x-ray, do it do it now!!!
x2, glad it wasnt anything worse
i bet u got some pills to take the pain away
they wouldnt let me keep the xrays or i would lol but yeah they gave me tabs for the pain
06civicsi said:
tabs for the pain
weak :thumbdown: lol
[email protected]_John said:
06civicsi said:
tabs for the pain
weak :thumbdown: lol
deff weak
look on the bright side at least your sitting at home gettin paid and taking tabs. :thumbup:
Yeah the tabs r weak but my mom is giving some other stuff to go with it But i hate sittin here it sucks
they should atleast gave you some green beans.


just be happy they dident give you t3's
Well look on the brightside, now ya can ask hot girls to sign ya cast.
um, lol they have to give you your x rays if you want them.

Anyway, that sucks bro!

If you get a wheel chair, or use em at store, Learn to do wheelies. lol
I always said, if something happened to me and I needed a wheel chair forever,
It would be re painted, custom wheels and Id learn to ballence a wheelie.
lol and id add a jdm tow hoof for the haters. :lol:

I broke both my wrists+growth plates and like 4 fingers, shatterd one.
lifes a birch!
no, they don't have to give you your actual xrays=they cost money and if you loose them, you'll have to pay for new ones *unless they did them digitally= they can print up copy of those easily and they're stored in memory. ask your dr. next appoinment.

breaking a bone sucks!! sorry bout your luck during the last good weather months.

just sit down somewhere and let it heal- get a few magazine to build up your arm strength! hahaha
careful with those tabs!!

random-hero said:
that really sucks man. I guess I'm lucky, I've never broke anything lol
ya same, hope you have an auto, cause i bet its hard to drive regular with a huge cast on
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