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I need help(MENTALLY)

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Tryin to finish up a big install (32in LCD) in the celica need help tonight any one available
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32 inch in a celica????????????????????
installin it as the rear deck cover its for show in the nationals
Wow I don't even have a 32" TV in my living room haha
So is anyone available for this I will start in about an hour
I wish I could, but I live all the way in the boro.. and have a curfew atm because I got introuble lol
tell the parentals its a learnin experience and hell I right up 840
wish i could help too
but im in the boro
and have to be up early in the morning
man id be there but im in trouble too .ive done like 18 inch flip downs but no 32 inch flat screens ha
id be there if i could
Lol if it were only that easy, sorry if it were a weekend I would. But GL, hope you can either find someone else to help ya or I guess if you have any issues I can try to give you advice on here lol.
I have been installin for years this has to be done quick last day off before the show
Yea I wasn't trying to say you didn't know what you were doing, just trying to say I'll help anyway I can from here lol. Damn I wish I could help tho!
8) I will post the pic of it workin after I am done every thing is mounted and upholestered now thoough
where is everyone
not complete but close
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i dunno how i missed this thread all day
im in mj
will need help again tonight if you are interested give me a ring
So all the wiring is done and it is mounted , all the acc. work and now its time for some finishin touches will be at work tomorrow hopeful will be complete
i put a 27 in a 350 on actuators fun and looks great so far wish i could help but 4hr away good luck with the rest

jaboss's tv > pocketmidget's tv

1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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