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pocketmidget said:
jdmpwr07 said:
Burn Unit FTW.

Pocketmidget is just jealous that his car will never be as nice/fast/reliable as any of theirs...
do what lol.

There's not a single car on here that I want to own unless someone has a ferrari, lambo, or lotus, or ford gt.

I think its a horrible idea that the GTR was released under the Nissan brand. Put it under the Infiniti brand and I'll look into it.

(before you assholes go off, i never said the GTR was a bad car)
So your telling me you would rather have an unreliable expensive collector piece compared to something you could daily drive and blow the doors off of exotics. I can understand if your coming from a price perspective...but all of their cars are worth a lot more than a RX-8 :lol:

· No LS...no care
3,415 Posts
IH8DSM said:
Tetro said:
tenntouge said:
i drive a 1986 toyota corolla GT-S also and I love the fact that I have a high performance no-friction motor,

the 4AGE motor is one of the most reliable engines in the world, I know people that have tried to blow up the motor by doing retarded things to it because we've heard the blocks are indestructible, so far we still can't pop the 4age

and I know people that have drove RX-8 for less then 20,000 miles and been through a few motors.

don't get me wrong the rotary motor can be a great thing.....if you know how to keep up the maintenance and drive it correctly

I enjoy being able to start my car and just drive it, not start my car and wait for my rotary to get to running temp so I don't pop Apex seals or destroy different barrings
my 4ag motor has 206,xxx and still running like new..

i would LOVE to see a rotary motor do that.haha
its been done
With no rebuild on anything (Tranny...clucth)...no turbo either? Didn't think so...
1 - 5 of 68 Posts
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