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if you had all the money in the world,

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if you had enough money to buy any type of car, what would it be?

in your opinion what car is the top fastest car, and dont forget WHY ?

For examle my dream car is a Saleen S7 it is estimated to reach 248 mph, they are not sure if it can go faster because for everytme they have tested the range the wheels run down in instants and the gas is gone.
This car also carries 750 sexy hot horses and lets be clear that IS too Hot. Its also laced with a Twin Turbo

the S7 is limited edition and it is also an American Product.
For this car to be American (FORD, can you believe it) that almost seems inpossible and to be completely honest it looks like an italian build
the price is $600,000
Street drivability: 3 stars
Zero to 200 mph: 38.2 sec
¼-mile: 11.6 sec @ 138 mph
200-to-0-mph braking: 1147 feet
Total time, 0 to 200 to 0 mph: 49.6 sec
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this one is easy

i dont know the specs.
i just would love to have a turbo'd acura nsx.
If you had all the money in the world it would then not be worth anything. Therefore, you wouldn't be able to buy anything.
ok let me refrase this if you got to choose Any Car you wanted what would it be ?
And Grr is my favorite waffle buddy by the way
REPOST this is already in off topic, under what would you buy if you won the lottery.....
yepp..and i already posted under that one too..
i would buy a few nsx's
Koenigsegg CCX or CCXR. From Koenigsegg's website:

The CCXR will take you to an entirely new level of performance. It is a derivative of the CCX, with a highly modified engine that can run on E85 and E100 Biofuel as well as normal 98 octane petrol (Europe). When run on regular petrol, the 4.7 litre twin-supercharged Koenigsegg engine delivers 806 Bhp, but this figure rises to an astonishing 1018 Bhp when the car is run on E85 Biofuel.

The CCXR is the first green supercar in the world and thereby sets a great example for others to follow. Since the ethanol in E85 fuel has a much higher octane rating and internal cooling capacity, the engine can run with higher compression, boost pressure and more spark advance compared to the normal petrol-fuelled CCX, whilst still maintaining the same exhaust temperature.
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i would so get naked all over that car, that is hot hot heat!
Top GUNN said:
i would so get naked all over that car, that is hot hot heat!
and environmentally friendly. 8) Part of the reason my next auto-x project might be turbo and E85 powered.
Be sure to drink all your E85, there's children starving in africa!
I know, it's no suprise

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rb26 s14 kouki, with yashio factory coils and other rare badass jdm shiz..

Im different.
2006 bugatti veyron pur sang chrome edition.

256 mph= bad ass
0-60 in 2.3 seconds= badass
1001 hp = badass
4 turbos= badass
9 radiators = badass
bugatti veyron = badass
I'd drive a Honda, because they're the fastest car in the world.
pocketmidget said:
I'd drive a Honda, because they're the fastest car in the world.
it took long enough... but you finally realized it.
I'd drive a rx8 w/ lambo doors, underglow, and a 2,600 headunit.

they are pretty fast and low stock
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