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Im a noob fer tennspeed

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Hey, im Jake
I live in hendersonville, go to NADC and Drive an 88 Turbo Supra
Im lookin for than special s13

Send me a message if yall wanna chill

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id love to take that supra off your hands, too bad i dont have an s13...
if is guy im thinkin of ur car is a huge peice of shit
5000 and its yours
mk3 ftw! I had one...just dont ask about it around here lol...it was a POS for sure glad its gone and I got what I wanted....WELCOME
welcome, seen your car on craigslist....looks good
sup man? :D
s13 ftw
Welcome to the site :D
Welcome to the site :thumbup:
Looks like a nice, clean Mk3. I just sold my 89 turbo. Welcome!
welcome man
welcome :thumbup:
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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