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IS it worth spending ~600 on car sound quality.(kep in mind, I LOVE music)

  • Sure, blow the money while not thinking =]

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  • no, keep saving for that turbo down payment...

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im not going to vote on your poll, because truthfully sterio or engine is a personal decision that no one should make for you. your preferences are always paramount to others when it comes to your car (i say do both lol).

that said, infinity is good shat dude. im probably going to get flamed a lil for saying it, but i prefer the polks over them myself, but still - inifinity = good.

if you wanna save a lil coin, ive got last years infinity refrence 4x6 plates that im not using... you can have em for $40 if ya want (barely used - they were in a car i got rid of like 2 months after i put em in)

the stuff you got picked out should give a fairly smooth sound though.. only thing missing will be the extreme bottom lows (40hz and down will be a lil weak).

as far as upgrading the stock speaker wiring, truth is, you dont really need to unless youre trying to pump some serious power to your interior speakers. and in order to do that, you would be spending a LOT more on the speakers than you are lookin at atm. upgrading the wires aint gonna hurt, but you wont notice a diffrence over stock wiring.
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