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For Sale
Seller: Kris
Location: Hermitage
Item: 94-01 Integra Skunk2 Front Camber Kit
Condition: Used, but in great shape. Has new adjustable ball joints (the new heavy duty pro-series version - less than 1 month old)
Price: $100 NEW Price


94-01 Integra Skunk2 Camber Kit. I bought new ProSeries replacement ball joints which are the new and improved heavy duty ones which are better than the original ones. I used the kit for less than a month then removed them because I raised my car up and didn't need them. Just been sitting in a box for months now. These are in great condition and a MUST for all lowered vehicles. I think these will also fit 92-95 Civics.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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