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integra help, please

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i just bought a 94 integra gsr, it has a jdm gauge cluster, on it, it has a light that looks like this (o) wtf is that????
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lol i have that same thing on mine and have no clue so this will help both of us
take a picture.
ABS or Brakes
its the oh shit your vtec just kicked in...hold on....
i think its the ebrake light
take a picture. its the e-brake light. try pulling up and putting your e-brake down and see what it does. i used to have one too thats what mines was.
is this really a question?
well when the e-brake is pulled and its on
and when its lowered and the light turns off

i wonder what the light could possibly be
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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