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Its mf stewy!

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Sup im stewy aka the stewblers i live in smyrna.....i own a 93 s13 hatch with an sr20 in it. nothing spectacular just bolt ons but its fun! i kick it with matt adler an all them...they seemed to be addicted to the sight so i figured i would give it a try. lol anything else u want to know just get at me!
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s13 sr20 spiking to 15 lbs > stock VW GTi driven by matt .... nuff said :D
Welcome. Any pics of the S13?
yeah i got some pics but i got to figure out how to use an do all this shit lol
everyone meet stewy:
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venom_5 said:
everyone meet stewy:
which one?haha
on the left
dude on the right looks pretty sober.
no far from sober i just woke him up takin this pic haha
Supa sick welcome!
skunk2boy said:
dude on the right looks pretty sober.
lol i was being sarcastic.

At Carma's Dyno Day in June:

and meet Dog:
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Ventolin said:
is that a penis pump in his hand?
yes, for matt
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