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JL W7 12" Kenwood 1800 watt amp, knuconceptz capacitor

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OK JL W7 with the spec jl w7 box wedge, Kenwood kdc9512d amp 1800 watt., Knuconceptz capacitor this shit is loud and a really expensive setup im willing to take any offers or trades....
i would like to see 1100$ obo

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I really like what you have and would like to see a price. But just to let you know I think In the rules it states to have a price listed.. if you are iffy about it go to an average price or a bit high and OBO. Also what kind of trades are you wanting?
Oh and I forgot to mention, that sub and box looks amazing lol..

If I can't get this stuff off you, I'm sure someone else will.. but on this site not many people pay real high dollar on stuff like this, they are more into performance and such, and go for the low prices.

bump for a nice system
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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