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just another 240.. or is it?

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just somithing different kinda especially with people swapping everything else in their cars these days. the rest of that 240 is pretty nice as well.
i know right dave? drag cars are a little over the top for me. sub 10 lbs exhaust is sick.
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Go VQ or go home
i guess im just staying home :p
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^Haha, that only applies if going V6 :wink:
i go KA so does that mean i stay home for that as well?
Pretty cool swap. Would have rather seen a VQ though.
i guess he went with the VG cause it was cheaper than a VQ woulda been. besides. VGs were turbo from factory versus the n/a VQ dunno what other reasons to give for it xD
props for being different from sr or 2j or lsx...
It will def. be something different.

I honestly can't say how many years it's been since I bothered checking ka-t.org. When I realized I had no money for a turbo I just gave up...
haha i just started back on ka-t.org... for different reasons...
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Dang statix thats fucking crazy swap.

Check this one out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlTqDWqnKG4
damn you. dumbass contract killer shit xD

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1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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