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Item and description:K20A3 short block
Price:Best offer
Location:Chapel hill, TN
Contact information:pM
Ok so up for sale is a k20a3 short block with 65k on it.
I know in the picture its outside but that is only because i had to moved it out of the garge for a couple hours it has always been kept in the garage since ive owned it.
It does not come with the head or tranny, just what you see in the picture.
I had plans for it but ive decided to change my mind so who ever wants it come get it.
Id like to sell it but ill trade it for just parts or whatever really, B series turbo parts would be nice to get a hold of.
Best offer or trade gets it.


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timmy tegra said:
no one wants to trade anthing for it??

come on i need some b series turbo shit.

what kind of shit???
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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