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Ken Block Gymkhana Practice

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i got 404'd :(
holy shit that man can drive!
SUBARU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell yea, Ken block can drive!
A little tame in the beginning, but some of the stuff later one was pretty slick.
He can stick that car right where he wants to, that's for sure.
holy hell.. i can only dream of being that good.
i was about to post this

fuck you nate!!!
Sorry man couldn't resist 8)
holy crap, thats amazing!
Holy fucking shit! That's awesome.
he is a damn good driver. Love it.

Ken block either totals the car or wins.
Fuck yes!
Not bad...:thumbup:
That's fucking sick
PSHHH.... I can do that! JKJK sick video though
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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