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Ksport Coilovers EK--brand new in the box.

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Name: Craig Tice
Location: White House, TN
product: Ksport Coilovers
Price: $625 cash
Contact: PM or cal 615-708-8673

Got a brand new set of Ksport Coilovers for 1996-2000 Honda Civic. Get some great coilovers for a great price. Can post pictures later if wanted but its just a Ksport box with the straps still around it.
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bump. great price for a great product. good luck.
bump cause i need them, but have no cash =|
Anyone in need of Ksport coilovers? You won't find this price anywhere.
i paid at least 700 for mine. these are still the best investment ive made for my civic. and these things go for over a grand on some sites. somebody pick this shat up.
Still available. Anyone needing these?
i need these but i'm broke right now glws great price
Still got these for sale. Need to go. Anyone looking for a good Christmas Present?

Here is the link to exactly what they are. The box hasn't been opened.

im pretty sure these will fit the 92-2000 civic or integra non type r
The lower control arms are different on eg's / dc2's. They won't fit without modification. I believe a swapped bushing may do the trick. I'm not sure.
If you have any for an eg, I'll buy. Or if I knew exactly how to make them work and/or heard testimony from some one who has done it. I would hate to spend the cheese and then have them not fit correctly.

Those ARE awesome coilovers. I know a dude from Hermitage named Jesse that runs those on his LSV itb'd EG and favors them over tein and ground control which he has also run before.
These will be mine soon :D:D:D:D:D
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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