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Kumhos 15 Series Tire! Superwide, Super Low Profile

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Thats right, 15 series...

385/15/22 to be exact - WOW. Only available in this size currently for supercars and exotics that can actually fit them with some work - Ferraris, Z06s, Viper.

Now THAT is some serious tire right there...

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that would tuck perfectly on a s13....
Ridiculous win! My Kumho's...however...are not as good :D
Interesting. Just wondering why is Khumo of all brands manufacturing a ''high end'' tire like this.
385 ftmfw
I already have 8 of them. Slight pull on the front and rears was all I needed
lol i just pictured these on a crx. i'm sure it's coming...
nice tire...!!

i would hate to hit a pot hole...
That tire would never make it inside of the pot hole, it just clears it completely.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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