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NOOOEZZZZZZZZZZ such a beautiful car.

What are you doing to it?

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Good2GetBlown said:
From one wheel whore to another... I agree, youve had these wheels a while... do it up again!
:thumbup: You'll like whats comin'.

Josh, it came factory with 182hp. It's got a schrick 282 cam, dinan software, 19lb injectors, intake and exhaust. It's no slouch for an '80s family sedan. ;)

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Brad I think you should go up against mike in your 2J :D

Mike when we meeting up for some pics fool?
When I get my KW's on them :D Might be riding on stockers to get
the coils on because i got to get a bent rim fixed and some curb rash fixed + 2 new tires in the rear.

I want to come and looks at the collection ;)
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