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LIKE new 35r specs turbo

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Name: Chris
Location: cool springs
condition: used, but like new
price : 300 obo
contact: 615-319-5976

I have a Nice like new turbo, 0%shaft play turbo. I am unsure of the brand, it came off a corvette it was obviously not on there very long.Its the same specs as a 35r. A/r is 70, T4 flanged but includes a t3 adapter plate.So it can be either t4 or t3, its a very clean looking flange. V-band for exhaust its very clean and should hold 600 horse. pm me or call or text

I have another picture but i cant get it to load, i will keep trying
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bump if no one wants this its going on my sc
entertaining offers as long as its not stupid low
pretty cheap for a 35R spec turbo..there isnt a name stamped anywhere on it?
Its in the trunk of my sc300 at work , I will look at it tomorrow. Its the exact same turbo thats on the poor man supra build if that helps any. Its in the builds and setups thread
ball bearing or ceramic?
Posted for ya on www.rotarycarclub.com :thumbup: Maybe this will end up on a 7 :mrgreen:
^thanks a lot . Bump still for sale its obo people and 300 bucks for this turbo is hella cheap
good deal! It would be right at home on my BMW
^sale pending to this guy tomorrow
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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