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Locost 7 rebuild/MX-5 swap

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Ok i bought the The Locost (Lotus 7 replica) last year With the intentions to eventually throw another drivetrain in it because i dont really like what it has.
Im allmost embarrassed :oops: to tell ppl what kinda motor is in it ha.
But it has a 1.9 Saturn engine w/ getto rigged Carburetor, mounted to a Toyota AUTO tranny. The car is still a blast to drive & i have a alot of fun in it but its a bet slow & the auto kills the experience.

But before we can get to the Locost We got to Strip the Miata. I picked it up last dec in Kingsport tn, The body is in very bad shape but it runs good & came with a 6speed & a Hard Dog Rollbar. Allso my g/f has a Miata so there are peaces here & there she can use.

we started stripping her last night & got alot done.

This is what a miata on the floor looks like

Hoping to strip ;-) some more later ......to be continued
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Very cool project.
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