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Locost 7 rebuild/MX-5 swap

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Ok i bought the The Locost (Lotus 7 replica) last year With the intentions to eventually throw another drivetrain in it because i dont really like what it has.
Im allmost embarrassed :oops: to tell ppl what kinda motor is in it ha.
But it has a 1.9 Saturn engine w/ getto rigged Carburetor, mounted to a Toyota AUTO tranny. The car is still a blast to drive & i have a alot of fun in it but its a bet slow & the auto kills the experience.

But before we can get to the Locost We got to Strip the Miata. I picked it up last dec in Kingsport tn, The body is in very bad shape but it runs good & came with a 6speed & a Hard Dog Rollbar. Allso my g/f has a Miata so there are peaces here & there she can use.

we started stripping her last night & got alot done.

This is what a miata on the floor looks like

Hoping to strip ;-) some more later ......to be continued
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I have some plans for it :)

The saturn engine leaks out of every orthis, it gets like 14 MPG, No aftermarket support. I would have to cut & weld a saturn bell housing onto the Manual tranny to get it to work. Its just simpler & cheap to go with the miata. I know they arnt fast but shead almost a 1000 lbs & add a Supercharger & you have a fun time.
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Well than make one. They arnt that hard.
you guys buy me one & ill do it.

I really wanted to do a s2000 swap but the cheapest wreaked s2000 i could find was like 5k.
Got most of the car stripped down. the only thing left is the front & rear suspension, fuel tank & rear bumper.

Found about $3.14 in the car sweeeet its gunna pay for itself
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Now i get to play Tetris in my shed with all these parts fun.

At some point ill make a fore sale thread to get rid of some of this crap.
Id rather you show me.

miata is completely striped to bare frame. now i just gotta get it out of my garage so i can pull the locost in.
how about a miata water boat instead?
anyone need a miata? lol

Had a friend come over With some scales to weigh the locost before we rip it apart.
came to 1386 bitches! lol It was like F 50.9 to R 49.1 so it is very well balanced

It was weighed with about 3 or 4 gallons of gas & without me in it.
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Are you planing or trying to legalize it?
More pics, less chatter
oooook. Heres some better pics of the engine bay & how it currently sits.

my moonshine

Ugly interior & lame sauce auto.

This is how much room i have at my feet. So i plan on narrowing the Transmission tunnel to make room for a clutch pedal. The miata tranny is alot lot skinnier then this Auto Toyota one.

look its a miata Transformer

I plan on ripping the engine out this weekend.
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Speaking of Windshields im planing on replacing mine since its cracked & i have no idea what its from.
I found a windshield kit on this website
Well I did alot of cruising tonight just trying to get rid of the gas that in it Its allways nice to Drive down Hobson pk/mt juliet rd at nigth with nothing but sky above your head.
So i started taking her apart.

Didnt really get alot done, just most of the easy to get to stuff.
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Got alot more done today.
Motor & tranny is out.

The Wiring under the dash was a nightmare.

Look how tiny my driveshaft is aawww its so cute.

I weighted the tranny & it was 120 lbs without the torque converter & oil. Im glad to be getting rid of it.

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Im not sure yet. I wanted to do a digital gauge cluster like a STACK STACK STACK a Motec or a Racepak but Fuck they are Expensive!
Runs fine but leaks oil from the valve cover, & maybe the Oil pan gasket.
Comes with starter, Alternator & header.
Didnt get alot done today due to some yard work. me Mob cut down 3 trees next to where i park my truck. My truck isnt even white anymore because of them.

oops didnt like those other trees anyway lol
I still have 3 more to cut.

On other news we removed all the loom & tape off the miata wiring harness & started trimming it down.

This is some of the shit we cut out allready.

Rewiring this thing is going to be a pain in the ASS!

Allso got around to unmaitng the tranny & engine.
they need a bath.
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