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Locost 7 rebuild/MX-5 swap

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Ok i bought the The Locost (Lotus 7 replica) last year With the intentions to eventually throw another drivetrain in it because i dont really like what it has.
Im allmost embarrassed :oops: to tell ppl what kinda motor is in it ha.
But it has a 1.9 Saturn engine w/ getto rigged Carburetor, mounted to a Toyota AUTO tranny. The car is still a blast to drive & i have a alot of fun in it but its a bet slow & the auto kills the experience.

But before we can get to the Locost We got to Strip the Miata. I picked it up last dec in Kingsport tn, The body is in very bad shape but it runs good & came with a 6speed & a Hard Dog Rollbar. Allso my g/f has a Miata so there are peaces here & there she can use.

we started stripping her last night & got alot done.

This is what a miata on the floor looks like

Hoping to strip ;-) some more later ......to be continued
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Are you going to change up the gauges on the dash while you do this swap?

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shoot man we can add it. it would be an easy add on to your house
just need a breaker , plug, and wire.just let me know if you want to... i think i will be off work on sunday
just let me know when you get back and want to get it done.
Is the supercharger the same size as the intake mani? You might wanna clearance check with it on there too.

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Looking good.

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I can come by after work tomorrow and give you a hand dropping it in.
Sweet. When are you starting the wiring?

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Making progress you get the plumbing done and the drive shaft cut yet?

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This years mustang gt is 8.61 to 1 but I bet this thing will out handle it in the curves with ease.

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what is the ETA of the first start up?
This thing makes me cry... really ,the wind in your face brings tears.
What color you going to paint it?
so how close to redline were you getting it before the tach was wired?
are you planning on trying to tune it yourself?
1 - 18 of 178 Posts
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