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Lots o' 4 door content, here's more.

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First off, thanks to SpasticDwarf for the killer images. Then, I will let the shots speak for themselves.

and one of his setup:

And one of his fantastic E28:
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damn hover i didnt know you were on here as well? i will say it again nice car and sweet pics.
hovers car is the shit. and really cool guy. just met him today!
Both of those cars are great. Excellent pics!
Looking great all cleaned up and going Chad. Love it!!
Nice pictures man :thumbup:
I want both !
Mmmmmmm Chevlon WRD's.... So priceless! Cars and shots look incredible. But i REALLY wish i had some extra $$ to get those wheels off ya man!
nice vdub ... been contemplating getting one to replace the wreckage
BTW, I think I am in love..no joke
nice vdub ... been contemplating getting one to replace the wreckage
do it!!!! either a 1.8T or VR6
do it!!!! either a 1.8T or VR6
tryin to avoid a 1.9L or 2.0L jetta, but all i can find is weakass 2.0Ls ... dont get ur hopes up tho, will prolly be stuck with another toyota
god dang.

looks amazing!!!
damn that v-dub is sick
I see that e28 a lot here in franklin, looks clean. love the vw as well
Looks nice, but VDubs do absolutely nothing for me...
Hov, I sent your dub down the street from my apartment complex. It was sitting outside that Euro shop for a few days. Your car is soooooooo sexy. Photogs car is hot as well.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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