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Name: Chad

Location: Nashville

What brought you here: Been on the site a few times as a lurker, and I know some people on here.

What do you drive: '94 VW, '93 Chevy Diesel Dually, '74 Jaguar E-type, '05 Mitsu cute ute for the wife, I'll be buying another car or two in the near future. Thinking about buying the '57 Chevy truck that my dad and I used to work on back, thinking about buying a Passat or a MK2 Jetta, maybe another Subaru, who knows...

Other hobbies: The kids and VWs. I have two boys, aged 2 and 4 that along with my wife and three jobs keep me pretty durn busy.

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defcon86nwh said:
Welcome Chad lol I wonder who took those pics ;).
I gave you props. :wink:

I might post a few ones that I took later on. One of our techs here actually downloaded everything on the memory card to his computer.

Brandon, c'mon down. I'm here from 9-5 Monday through Friday. I've even got some Subaru parts sitting right here behind me. We are going to try and make this steering linkage work for Paul's car.

Thanks for the welcome all. :beer:

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Oh, and here's the mod list so far for the Golf. It has some more things coming soon that are double top secret.

Drivetrain modifications:

-All maintenance and custom work is done by GPO

-VR6 swap
-Turn2 motor mounts
-Neuspeed P-flo Intake
-GIAC chip
-Autotech 262 cams
-Ruville lifters
-Autotech valve springs
-multi-angle valve job
-Neuspeed DTM Style Exhaust
-MK4 headgasket (raising compression)
-MK4 plug wires
-Black Forest Industries crack pipe
-low temp thermostat & fan switch
-O2J/A six speed transmission by EuroSpec
-Neuspeed short shift assembly
-Clutchnet stage 2 clutch
-Clutchnet stage 2 pressure plate
-Autotech 10lb steel flywheel
-Optima Red Top Battery
-multiple deletions of unnecessary stock items
currently converting car to OBD-2, and maybe adding a few more things with the help of GPO and C2

Suspension, Wheel & Tire:

-KW Variant 1 coilovers
-Neuspeed front strut tower bar
-WRD Front Lower Tie-Bar
-Neuspeed 28mm Rear Sway Bar
-Turn2 Quick release rear strut tower bar
-R32 Control Arm Bushings
-WRD Chevlon Mesh wheels
-16x8 ET 16 front, 16x9 ET rear 15
-Maxxis MA-V1s, 205/40/16 all around
-Borbet Type T 16x9 ET 15
-H&R spacers and extended bolts
-TSW Hockenheim R 16x7 w/ Kumhos as spares
-Eurospec Front Brake Upgrade Kit consisting of
-11.3 (not 11.1, not G60) 4 lug Zimmerman cross drilled & slotted front rotors
-MKIV front calipers
-EBC Green Stuff front pads
-8.9 Zimmerman cross drilled & slotted rear rotors
-Mintex red box rear pads

Exterior modifications:

-OEM euro textured top bumpers
-OEM euro VR6 lip
-OEM euro radiator support
-Hella smoked sidemarkers
-Hella OEM smoked GTI tails
-Zender side skirts
-tinted windows
-GTI smoked e-code headlights
-JOM 2 bar badgeless grille
-Bonrath upper grille spoiler
-Hella airhorns
-Shaved fender mount antenna
-Fuba antenna install
-Honda S2000 stubby antenna
-Shaved hatch w/ only license plate tub
-D'badged rear with only MK4 VR6 badge
-TNDUBS support stickers (+2,000 monkey power)
-MK2 license plate recess
-Shaved windshield washer jets
-Shaved door handle recesses
-Shaved body line under hatch
-European CL glass w/ no spoiler
-Pulled and rolled fenders
Custom paint taking the car from stock Satin Silver to
Silver arrow with a Black Magic Pearl Roof

Interior Accouterments and Enhancements:

-MOMO Trek steering wheel
-MOMO Race Airleather shift knob
-MOMO Match Titanium pedal set
-Corbeau TRS front seats
-Recaro Young Sports in the rear for my two young sons
-Eclipse CD3000 head unit
-JL Audio 300/4
-MB Quart Q series components
-JL Audio 500/1
-JL Audio 10W6 V2
-1.5 farad capacitor
-Leather e-brake boot
-Lloyd's Golf floor mats
-Black A, B, & C pillars
-Black Alacantra headliner
-3 position headlight switch
-JOM aluminum door pins
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