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MAF Translator and 3inch GM MAF

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Name: Chris
Location: Cool Springs
Price: 100 bucks

I have a MAF translator and a 3inch GM MAF. This can be used on a lot of cars but its very common for the DSM's. I purchased a new car the other day and this was on it. I have no use for it i converted back to a stock MAF. This retails for 199 without the GM MAF itself. ANy questions just pm me

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Is it for a 1g or 2g? I may know somebody that will be interested in it.
it came off a first gen, but I dont see why it cant be used for a 2g just different wiring diagram
it came off a first gen, but I dont see why it cant be used for a 2g just different wiring diagram

yea thay shuld work on both 1g and 2g both
If its off a 2g it will work on a 1g but not vice versa. I had called full throttle speed about them when i got mine because i had found a 1g for pretty cheap and was gonna get it but they said that it didnt have something that the 2g ecu reads that the 1g doesnt. It would be like putting a 1g maf on a 2g there are some wires that want get used on the 2g harness that the ecu needs. But it is still agood deal for someone looking for 1 for a 1g.
^ thanks for the info. Ok so it seems like it needs to be for a 1g then, if nobody wants it i will put it on ebay
Have you tried posting this on dsmtrader.com. You dont really have to have post to beable to post on there i think. Or if you want i can post your ad on there for you?
well I am trying to determine the problem with the car I may end up keeping it. A shop wants to charge me 130 bucks to take it off and install a 2g maf. Thats more expensive than just keeping it. So i might hang on to it
Good lord. I just gave away a 1g maf. And if you need a 2g maf plug let me know i have a parts car and ill give you the harness. But it didnt have a maf on it though. but if you want the harness ill give it to you.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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