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Marketplace rules

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1st. When selling/buying you must post all the needed information with pictures, if you don’t have all of this information ready don’t post.

This is required in the first post with the format below: Copy, paste and insert into your thread and edit to your liking.
Name: John Doe
Item and description (pics included)
Price: $8000
Location: Nashville
Contact information: (615) 555-5555 or johndoe(at)tennspeed.com or pm’s

2nd. Excessive bumping will result in the thread being deleted and/or locked, and username will be banned.

3rd. You MUST have been an active member 90 days or more to post in this forum, and have over 90 posts.

4th. Keep all threads in this forum ON TOPIC or deletion/lock/ban will be swift. I walk softly and carry a BANHAMMER.

5th. No selling for friends, if they have something to sell they can join contribute like everyone else.

If you do not like the rules now I am sorry...you don’t have to buy or sell anything here.
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Bump for the noobs. Same rules apply in all forsale sections.
Bump yet again for the retards who can't read the 5 simple rules...
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