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This saturday, a meet is getting put together at Firehouse Pizza and Wings in Smyrna.
The owner has arranged for the entire parking lot to be shut off to us and for some type of press coverage. He is also going to be running a special on the ridiculously good food. :thumbup:
This is going to be a great opportunity to get some positive attention to the car scene so we really need to make this big, we NEED a turnout. The more cars the merrier. JDM, USDM, EDM, whatever.
Keep in mind that we're going for positive attention, so please keep the stunts and what-not for another time. :)

Firehouse Pizza and Wings
1932 Almaville Rd
Smyrna, TN 37167

Saturday Oct 11th @ 4pm

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I might make it out... Y'all should consider coming to the meet we're doing in columbia every saturday night where we do the same thing in front of the movie theatre/bruster's ice cream... We're averaging 40-50 cars and bikes a week...

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damn me having to work this weekend. oh well maybe next time.
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