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Misc Z32 Parts

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Misc Z32 Parts & 2 T25 Turbo's

Okay so im in the process of my rebuild... and i have a few parts that can sell... I just want to get rid of the stuff...

All prices are OBO... and all prices are without shipping...

TT Crank shaft with a spun #6.. needs to be turned and polished

2 stock turbos both need a rebuild
$150.00 each

6 VG30DETT rods and pistons.. needs new rings

1 TT oil pan. a little beat up on the bottom but useable

Another TT Oil Pan.. some type of silicone sealent on one part but held up fine. it was on my car when i got it and i never had a problem out of it..

A N/A oil pan... looks fine to me.. i think i have a drain plug for it too

Lastly i have 2 Stillen side skirts. 2 Stillen door fillers. and a Stillen rear bumper.. the rear bumper looked like it had been mounted up before with some pop rivets... i would prefer a pickup with these but if someone is willing to pay to ship i will
Door fillers: $50.00
Side Skirts: $150.00 (SOLD)
Rear Bumper: $200.00

Also in a couple of weeks i will have some more parts to add... once again all prices are OBO and more pics are avaliable upon request
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what size are teh turdbos?!
kit i just need one of those turbos but i need it for the extreme cheapness lol
bump for dj lanky
bump for dj lanky
hahaah... thats whats up...

the turbos are T25's...

make some offers...
you could just give me your rear brakes and cables...
grandma Cam
hahaha... about that... lol no can do.. i kinda need me rear brakes
you need to upgrade and since you wont need em anyways... :p
Vapir no2
how bout this... when it comes time for me to upgrade my rear brakes... ill sell it to you for the low low... jus cause i like your style:cool: lol jk

seriouslly though ill let you get that for cheap
sweet man and when that time comes ill just go help you upgrade yours and youll just give em to me out of generosity and help me swap em onto mine too :D
hahaha... man its whatever..

oh yea update/bump... the side skirts sold today.. everything is still up of course...

somebody buy this shiz... ill take 100 for each turbo... thats my bottom dollar...

make some offers ppl i gotta get this stuff gone
alright... i know some ppl got some cash money for christmas... bump
bump ninja
the crank, pistons n rods, and a pan are pending... all others are still avaliable...
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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