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Mmmmmmmm SUSHI!!!!11!11!

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Main ingredient...Cocaine. I gotta have it atleast once a week. I have ate at just about all the sushi joints
in town but by far Sonobana on White bridge rd. West Nashvile is the best and the most fresh. Hated it when I first tried it
but now I need a hit all the time. I usually eat there but got take out. :thumbup: :thumbup:

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Johnny set it up! I'm in!!!

I love me some sushi from Virago's downtown :) fire crunch roll!!!
Ha old thread is old!!!
Kabuto's in Goodletsville is very good and easy to get to. Plus Kirin on draft!!
Ahhh Shawn is alive!!!!! Welcome back brotha! We had to bump a dang sushi thread to get you back on here??? ::rofl:

Johnny, I'm up for anywhere, anytime, any day, so just set it up and I will be there... I have not been to that sonofabanana place and it seems like a lot of people have suggested that... I'd like to try that out at some point but that can be anytime...
1 - 2 of 78 Posts
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