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moody's turbo

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has anyone ever seen it?

im not saying he dont have one...im not as stupid as pocket midget..
i would just like to see how big it REALLY is :shock:

haha.. :beer: :beer: :beer:
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blablabla. all this shit talking. we need a daily drivers race...adams daily, my jeep, and the camry. right now!
spoolie said:
my daily too....
naw screw that. i took the 250 shot off the jeep last week. noone shall stand a chance.
spoolie said:
you said daily driver race...that my daily.
thats why you were excluded from the list. haha
Good2GetBlown said:
we are racing off road!!! might still have some trouble with the jeep! cause I know the massive 230whp my daily makes isn't going to get me anywhere too fast
eh mines only an i6 with 190k miles on it. may not last haha
1 - 4 of 73 Posts
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