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Motegi Racing wheels

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Name Cory
Item and description
Motegi racing wheels $400
Location Smyrna
Contact information text 554-8812 or bump this thread

universal 4 lug, 17x8 and i believe they are +40 tires in good shape, plenty of tread left and just a little minimal camber wear.

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pretty good tread left. no camber wear. dryrotting a little though. there is a pic of the tread in the craigslist link, i was just too lazy to change all the pic url's i would say about 40% left or so.
read the buy/sell rules and re-do your thread....
spoolie said:
read the buy/sell rules and re-do your thread....
sorry spooooooooooooooolie. fixed.
what about 275 and a 1100 watt sony amp barely used??
thanks man but i'm not really into big audio stuff. I appreciate it though.

shoot me offers.
450 for motegis
150 for crx si's
motegis pending for 400...
125 for the swirls anyone? they are good wheels with decent tires... i've seen stealies go for more...
c'monnnnn...... 125 for the swirls?
swirls are sold. motegis still up for grabs. $400
got a guy saying he's giving me 400 on friday...
ok yet another flake... still up for grabs.
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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