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Motorcycle Wreck.. NWS!!!!!!!!

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Motorcyclist Killed After High-Speed Crash Overnight
Tuesday April 17, 2007 11:07am Posted By: Kevin King

Tulsa - A Broken Arrow man was killed early Tuesday morning after a motorcycle accident on Highway 169 near 81st Street.

Witnesses say the cyclist was going faster than 100 miles per hour when he crashed into the back of a semi truck between 81st and 91st Street at about one o'clock Tuesday morning.

Investigators say evidence shows the cyclist was going about 120 miles per hour at the time of the impact. It took the truck driver more than a quarter of a mile to come to a stop. When he did, he stepped out of his rig and found the motorcyclist dead at the back of the truck.

"The truck driver was not hurt," says Captain Matt Kirkland. "He said that the impact was so strong that he thought he was hit from behind by another truck."

Officers said there was no indication that drugs or alcohol played a factor in the accident.

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Do you think Bayer Extra Strength would help?
dude.. im thinking that he needs to take some Tylenol PM's so he can sleep through the pain.. what you think?
OMG that is sick i will never get a bike
Just the thought of that actually happening to me makes me kinda weak inside... the serious damage to his neck!! ..The damage that it did to that truck is serious for the situation!!.. i will never have a bike.. its not so much ME im worried about.. its more the fact of people like THIS doing stupid shit that ruins it for the rest of us!!!

"The truck driver was not hurt," says Captain Matt Kirkland. "He said that the impact was so strong that he thought he was hit from behind by another truck."

if you can feel that shit from up front... then that is SERiOus!
it's not the bike that hurts people it's people riding like an idiot that get hurt most of the time.
the worst part is that he was still slowing down for a 1/4 of mile and had a dead guy smashed into the back of his truck.
Damn that helmet held up. At 120+ ya figure it would have split or tore a lil. Anyone know what kind that is, gotta get me one of dim.
Oh man-that makes my knees weak.
I cant make the pictures bigger :(

Looks like it hurt though.
Give's a whole new meaning to stuck in traffic.
I just showed my mom this and she asks "did he make it?" Im like, mom, thats him imbeaded in the back of that truck, he is dead as you are looking at him. She said, "oh, i thought he might have just been stuck in there." :|
it makes me sad to see a fellow rider die of stupidity.. :cry:

I just want to say to any other fellow riders, playing on your bike can be fun but it can also kill you. and just think about how many tears your family will cry over your death before you just go and pull the throttle all the way open.

I fear sorry for his family :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
It was 1AM so no one else had to see him draggnig from the back of the truck.

I dont feel sorry for him as it was his fault that he died, I feel sorry for the rest of his family that will now have to deal with this.
wow thank god for helmets. yea i believe its a snell90 seen as it actually held up. snell's are the way to go with helmets.
Maybe a psychitrist, idk the spelling but a head doctor, could fix that for him.
you know he didnt feel that one bit tho. i need to show this to my buddy. If it can make ya'll not want a bike, maybe i can get him to not get one and save the money for the skyline car fund.
RedLude98 said:
Give's a whole new meaning to stuck in traffic.
that was good man. Most definately

i decided to be kool like statix and showed my mom expecting her to geek out or something but she was like wow. that is absolutely amazing, like in a bad way. Seen as my house is a bunch of comedians tho, she mentioned how that is ironic to see after all those lil halloween things that ppl put on their trucks, like arms hangin out of tailgates. That would be a good one.
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That's pretty damn bad. Really don't see the "sarcasm joke sense" that people just displayed .
No different than jokes made about cars getting split in half and saying how it will buff out. Theres humor to be found in everything. About the wreck i'm surprised his body is still mostly in tact. I've seen other wrecks where some riders actually had their hands and other parts severed. :(
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