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well i ben working on her for bout a year now,and this how see look :( well if i get some cash i well paint her.
and maybe next year i drop in a sr like everyone, :lol: :lol: hope you guys injoy looking

this how she look when i got her(yes it have a sohc)

new wheels and cut spring lol

yes is a piggy

pull that sohc motor out and start the fixing

all the red spot is where all rust was at

and this after 2day of cleaning and painting

ya'll know why the tray ben remove

pick up a dohc motor from dave p.s thx bro

and me and a few of my jdm friend drop her right in

remove the s14 manny

in with the s13 manny

got back from a test drive

swap complet

silvia head light came in

pick up the hood from a good friend

also bumper and fender

and dammit that it for now but here some more pic of her


· yes i'm RICE
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ELI said:
Not bad Lee...You know if you need help just call and I will be there to help man. I didnt know all this happen so soon.
Looks good buddy!!!
thx bro you no you well always welcome to my house with open arm bro
but man you know what fuck up,i just drop my cat back to night,hitting a big bump,i think i want be making to ia
1 - 20 of 122 Posts
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