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So here is my new project. 1990 240sx hatch. It's been going on now for 3 or 4 weeks now.
Soon to be SR powered (Sorry Everett)

The engine is sitting in there but I have to get some recent pics.
It's come some ways from these pics. I'm going today to get some more. Ill update.

Body is super duper straight, shaved body line, shaved wiper (cause I drive forwards not backwards) and shaved engine bay.

The color it started out as....

Black sealer

Basecoat Dark Teal

All finished up...
2 coats of sealer
2 coats of base
4 coats of clear

And my dirty ass engine, it'll be cleaned no worries.

More to come soon...

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I haven't heard anything from the head shop, but I'm sure it a burnt exhaust valve on number 2. I'll hear more tomorrow.

Not much as far as motor work goes. Just the everyday SR swap.
The nice thing about me having to pull the head off is that I got to see the factory cross-hatch pattern on the cylinder walls.


I'll be runnning 600cc injectors, blitz ecu, turbo xs intercooler and top mount manifold, turbonetics evolution wastegate and garett t3/t4 setup. Nothing special. Hoping for 350 or so.

I'm also running a FReddy intake manifold and FReddy oil pan. JDM tyte fo sho.

-Suspension and Braking...

5 lug conversion (rolling the old S14 SE wheels as well), TT brakes, drilled and slotted brakes all around.
Ground control coilovers, and suspension techniques sway bars.

-Other goodies...

B&M short shifter

Should be fun. Not looking to break any records or anything. Just fun. :lol: :thumbup:
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