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boostiswhatsfordinnerNWH said:
04blueboostedsrt said:
thats squirks old 240sx
You sound so sure.

But is it?

Could it be?


I got it from the original owners so...

Nope.. you are wrong.
damn got me there wow u owned me for sure :roll:

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boostiswhatsfordinnerNWH said:
BigblockEG said:
Why take the door handles out and not the tail lights to paint the car?......This shop do good work?
Because you have to paint the door handles and not the taillights.
I understand that.But you are changing the color.So it would seem to me that you would want color to get in behind the lights so that there is less chance of peeling because of the lack of sanding around the lights.
21 - 40 of 146 Posts
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