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My body shop is throwing out a deal!

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LABOR $ 30.00 AN HOUR!!!!!!! IF YOU NEED SOMETHING DONE BODY WISE I WOULD GO AHEAD AND TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY 865 637 4333 CONTACT DANNY THOMAS. i thought since everyone was always asking about inexpensive body work, some of you guys could use this.
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1995 Toyota Camry LE (Sedan)

cost to fix my car (needs #1 and #7, frame pulled, new driver's door):

if u could get a quote ... just throwin it out there ... doubt its gonna be worth fixing cuz the last shop said $3100
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^ not worth repairing man.. Have you not found a new car yet??? You can score MK4 1.8t jetta's all day long for under 10k.
call danny at that number and ask him, he might make you a deal that you can't pass up
Lenny, can the Slamry even make it to Knoxville?
yea, with ease
did you call him?
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