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My car finally runs!

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Well, After finding a few problems, a few vac leaks, and figuring out my big oil leak is a stripped oil pan bolt, She Runs! It took me till aout 1:30ish in the morning to get her purring like a kitten, but its great now. I cant wait till later when i go get her temp tagged! Iv'e still got to Drain and change the diff/transfer case fluids, trans fluids, and bleed/refill brake and clutch, but she is pretty good for a car thats been sitting for 3-4 years.
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nice, glad you got it fixed
Well, it was running!

It still does run, but i've found the oil leak to be the front main seal or the oil pump seal, and i have a boost leak somewhere i think. The car is a 1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD, and like any DSM its having its issues lol. If anyone happens to be bored, and has a boost leak tester, hit me up. I'll throw you a few bones for gas or something. I'd just like to find this leak and i cant make it to my buddys house, the car wont go over 3K RPM.
Nice...hopefully you won't be crank walking anytime soon ;)
Nah its got a 6 bolt, no pissed off crank walking away on me! Just all the other problems DSM's have! lol. Other than needing a new oil pump/front case, she is all good. i got her into 1, 2, and 3 before i parked her for more work, and she shifts like butter. I later found i left a visable trail of oil the ENTIRE way around the block on my test drive. you can walk it like a path, so i am glad i stopped when i did. Hopefully i'll have it fixed for the last time (for a bit) this week so i can make it to the meets. I'd like to get to know ya'll and check out your rides.
nice man. i like a dsm while its running :)

I wouldn't trust a DSM motor with my life.
First day I bought my Conquest she threw a rod on me.

Worst day of my life.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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