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my hood wont open question (civic)

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yeah so the little cable the opens your hood when you pull the lever got disconnected, it looks similar to a bicycle brake cable(if that helps at all)

anyway does anyone know how to go about solving this?
im certain that there is a way to fix this without sawing my hood apart because i remember someone else having the same problem without having to do that so yeah

any pointers?
any help is appreciated
i live in antioch and i will buy anyone who helps me (if anyone is willing to lend me a hand) with this dinner/lunch/breakfast depending on the time...

assholes, please stay out of this
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Dont feel bad my hood pop broke off in my hand on Sunday I took it loose from the dash and took the plastic off enough to expose the steel cable I been using vise grips to pop the hood till i can scoop up some hood pins
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