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my motivation.....

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Sounds like ass.....Sounds like someone needs to learn a thing or 2 about racing LOL.....Mine sounds better
Sounds like ass if you ask me.....But what do i know.....What kind of car was that anyway......Sounds like it needs a fucking tune up and new plugs.Plus it looks to have a fart can on it
Perhaps you could teach us all a thing or two about just how racing sounds?
Well i can tell you this....It isnt how you stand by your car its how you race it.Thats is what will get you respect.........

Junk is what junk is....One day im sure it will be nice.But only after i have my hands on it.LOL
Lets just say that i know what im talking about....Cars that i have worked on before.This car was done by a buddy and me.5 months of work for a kid to destory...

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What pic ?????Plus my name isnt Brad
yeah, pretty sure Ride Revolution did ALOT of work on the car
We took the car as a black on black 98 automatic car and built that car.....Ground up in between other jobs in 5 months....Which may seem like alot of time to people but i can promise you it takes that much time if not longer much of the time
1 - 6 of 61 Posts
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