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My new toy:

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I pick it up thursday....

What yall think?
It's nothing special, 93 CBR600F2 30,000 miles, 5000 on rebuild.. Should be a good first bike..

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Looks good man. My old neighbor had one of these when I was like 5 or 6. I used to get to ride w/him up and down the street. It was sweet, especially when you're 5.

Good luck and be safe
Good pick. The cbrs are good bikes and they will last forever. And when you get used to it they will ride some killer wheellies but dont try til you get the feel for it. What all mods are done to it or do you know. And just to let you know you can put F3 plastics on the front to get rid of the molded in signal lights and do some flush mounts. And you can do the 97-98 rear tail to get more of an up todate looking tail section. But i like the 1 thats on the biek now. I had a 94 with F3 front section and the stock rear like you have. Wish i wouldve kept it but i upgraded. But youll enjoy that bike and becareful on it.
I prob would have used that money to paint the wagon.
doesnt look half bad and yeah alot of times tails are swapable just like any thing on a honda
good throw away for a 1st timer. the shiny side goes up....

Thanks guys..

I am trading my 4wheeler even for it..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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