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and before anyone chimes in and asks why didnt you just save more money for the works, its because some of us and yes im one of them dont feel like rolling around on a set of rims that costs as much as my car does, ill gladly roll on some $500 rotas instead of some $1600 sprint harts but thats just my two cents

back on topic man, i personally like those wheels but it would be nice to see a shot of them on your car.

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Uncalled for sarcasm ftl.

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lol yeah im butt hurt = [ lol
you done like my new rims waaaa how i wanted you of all people to love them lol
mayne i buy shit to satisfy myself just like people should.
i like 240s and thats my thing.......sime like hondas.....thats cool.
people like what catches their eye and hats all people need to get or do things that catch your attention.
i dont see a need to act all asshole like
i just posted on some rims i didnt like and said "not my taste" but thats fine i was just throwing in my 2 cents.
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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