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My uber rare jdm mad tyttteee 1973 240z build thread

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No uber rare JDM parts will be in this thread, that was just a plot to get hipsters to make my view count come up. I am too cheap and broke to buy overpriced parts to impress someone on the internet that I probably wouldn't like anyways.

I have had a love affair with the S30 chassis for a long time and found a decent chassis with minimal rust. I had been talking about buying one for so long that when the opportunity to purchase the car arose, my future wife didnt even give me shit for buying it. I knew from the beginning that I wanted it to be powered by a Ka24de with some boost, and I wanted to set it up for some track days. Enough about my love affair, here as some pics of my limited progress....

First thing first I wanted to make the engine run in the floor of my garage. I figured if I could wire it up to run in the floor, then I could definitely make it run in the new car. It was surprisingly easy to wire and make run.

This is the car before I started to take things out

After a long day of cutting, tacking, cussing, and welding with my 8 dollars of scrap steel from clark I got the engine about where I wanted. BIG THANKS TO MIKE AT TRACK ONE FOR THE HOOKUP ON THE KA FOR CHEAP!!!!!!!!

I thought I had cleared the crossmember so my oil pan was not the lowest thing, but I then realized the corssmember was not fully bolted up......FAIL

I gave up for the day and tried again the next weekend with better results

Round 2....

I am going to run Megan S13 coilovers on this car using some ingenuity and help from Xylmer AKA Andy. Some people buy these conversion kits from a place called ZCCJDM.com but Andy and I thought that the design was not ideal and that we could do better. To adapt these coilovers to the 240z you cut off the stock strut leaving a little under 2" of post sticking up. Then weld these adapters to the LCA, that way you can thread the megan coilover onto the car. To adapt the top of the coilover you must cut out the strut tower and weld in camber plates. I got in a hurry and did not take photos of the install, but I will when I do the driver side.

I went ahead and did the mod to delete power steering and run the water pump and alternator off one belt. This is achieved by using a single cam KA alternator brackets, and running a different size belt. You also have to run the single cam KA thermostat housing to clear the now moved alternator brackets. Hopefully Ill get some time this weekend to finish some wiring and finish the drivers side suspension. I cant wait until this thing will move under its own power. I already have antique tags for it lolz!
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The wheels are.... GASP!!!!! Rota Aleicas. They are -15 offset 15x9's

They are knock offs of the "cherry blossoms" wheels that were popular in the 70's and 80's.

I think they will serve my purpose without any issues and I just didnt want to put watanabe's or panda sports on there like every other 240z that has been modified.

Thanks for all the compliments on the car, I am having a lot of fun building it.
Lookin good. And a very true statement about the panasports . Everyone with a S series Z car, over the age of 40, has freakin panasports...WHY???
Because they look pretty good, and not too far off from a higher offset Watanabe.

I like the wheels you've got on there even with the Rota stuff (I couldn't tell really). I think Z's do well with 8 spoke (like Watanabes) and old school 4 spoke wheels like SSRs or AR Libres if you wanted another fairly cheap set of something. I'm sure you've seen em.

I kinda like these Longchamps.
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I kinda like these Longchamps.

I loove longchamps on a Z!

Just needs a liiittle bit more low haha
My neighbors got mad when you brought the car over. So loud! Must mean it is fast!
That sure is pretty
Adam haz progress?
love this thread, love this car, and being that its nearly exactly like my build and i live ten minutes away ( on the Lebanon side of Walter Hill) id love to check this out. im Tony and hope to see this thing soon.
Nice as built man,love the car keep up the good work
Love the car. I wish you wouldnt had gone with a super stretched tire though imo the z deserves a more performance oriented setup.

Love the front lip you should buy it
Love the car. I wish you wouldnt had gone with a super stretched tire though imo the z deserves a more performance oriented setup.

Love the front lip you should buy it
Dude, I was shocked to see how stretched it is...

I keep trying to get him to work on it (and my M) but he's super busy.
Thanks for all the interest in the car!

Love the car. I wish you wouldnt had gone with a super stretched tire though imo the z deserves a more performance oriented setup.

Love the front lip you should buy it
Did a VW guy just tell me I have too much stretch? I may need to reevaluate my tires? LOL

I just wanted that look, This is a street car that 99% of the time will be babied on the weekends. If I ever decide to push the car I will put better wheels/tires on the car. For now I am just happy it rolls.

A little progress on the car but it has been slow because of other projects. I bought a house and have been renovating the place. Plus work was wearing me out with 75+ hours a week for 3 out of 4 weeks in July. (I worked 38 hours in a weekend) House Pics:



Now onto the reason you clicked on the thread

Made a turba' manifold. I wanted to make something nicer, like a top mount, but just decided I needed to keep it simple. Plus a log will be fine for my goals.

Here it is all fitted together nicely waiting for some tig lovin.

After said tig lovin

I hadn't welded it almost 2 years so I was extremely happy with how it turned out.

Here is the collector I made for the manifold. I still have to weld the collector to the manifold and also the wastegate, but I am holding off until I can actually bolt the stuff on the car to make sure it will fit like I want.

I also went to Clark Iron and metal and found Stainless 3 and 4 inch piping for EXTRA CHEAP!!! I have 5$ in the stainless pipe in this picture.

Imagine 5 bins full to the brim with stainless pipe mandrel bends. I made one phone call to a friend and he was up there in 20 minutes and bought every bend they had lol.

I almost have every piece for my turbo kit, and if the stars align right, tomorrow I might have some free time to go fab the stuff up. Im hoping all goes as planned...

Hopefully I have more updates in the next couple of days.
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Cute dog. :mamoru:
Got some more done on the Z...

I got the frame notched out and patched in. I need to make some brackets to hold the radiator at the correct height. I also do not know exactly how I am going to hold the top of the radiator flush with the support. I also need to find a way to make the top hose about 2 inches longer.

I finished my Manifold and got the wastegate welded in. I believe I am going to have plenty of clearance for everything and the intercooler piping should be super easy... "Should" being the key word in the last statement.

The last picture sucks, sorry.

Tomorrow if I do not get called in to work I will try to get the intercooler mounted and get the piping welded up.
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Looks good Adam btw congrats on the house.
Car and house both looking good man! My neighbors want to know when your'e coming back to service them.... lol
Great project. I love how different all of the Z projects are here on this board. Makes me feel boring for going with a l28et for mine.
Thanks again for all the comments, I am slowly but surely working towards having all the fab work done on the car.

More pictures of progress:

First thing I did was put the 90's on the intercooler and made mounting brackets I welded to the frame.

Chris West has been a big help welding the aluminum. I can get aluminum to stick together, but it looks like a bird shit on the welds. I let Chris do the welding because he is much better at Aluminum than myself. The fact that I dont have to grind down the welds to make it look decent, is a bonus.

I am cheap, therefore I only used straight pipe with slight angles instead of mandrel bends. Because of how straight the pipes were I honestly do not think it will ever be an issue. I am happy with how it is turning out. I lack finishing the down pipe, oil supply and drain, and installing injectors.
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