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Which color/finish/color combo

My Volk TE-37 rebuild thread

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Alright guys so i know everyone on here has always talked crap about my Volks being abused or garbage. Well first off i would just like to say to those people, go buy more rotas and STFU. Now on to better things...

So i have been dealing with the contractor's insurance company in order to replace my bent TE and things haven't been going well. They will NOT budge with offering me 50% of the cost to replace the wheel. They keep arguing that they dont have proof it happened on their job site. SO... i decided to look around to see about getting the bend fixed and stumbled upon a new wheel retailer here in Murfreesboro called, WHEEL WORKZ. I spoke with the guys up there and figured out that they can fix the bend, but cant guarentee the paint to match. I also stopped by PowderPro and spoke with them about having the wheels powdercoated. Some of you may know Zong had his blue Enkei's done there at PowderPro so you know they do a pretty damn good job.

This is where i am stuck. I cant decide what i want to do with the wheels. I have many options as far as paint, powdercoating, and refinishing. I'm sure most of you know what the wheels look like as they are, but here a pic of them on the car to help out with the opinions and some pics of the colors too.

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car staying black paul?
IH8DSM said:
skunk2boy said:
teal :thumbdown: polished :thumbup:

lol and dont say chrome.
please, i hate that word haha

there going to look good man no matter what one you decide.
but no polished lip.

fully polished
your fucking stupid teal or go home, polished is already played out
theyre both sexy. just dont get black wheels and your golden paul.
ramman434 said:
Matt, I'm getting black wheels just to piss you off
GAY! but black wheels are played on imo. but like i said in one of my posts before, do what makes you happy....not something because other people like it.
gen2_4door said:
Yeah he did it the night before IA actually. And its looking like him, charles, and adler may even be doing the frest coat of paint you speak of. I've just gotta get started on the body work first.
yeah, i finished the hood...ill more than likely redo it though whenever i shoot the car though just because
baller shit paul. diggin em for sure
i was unaware that a stocl bodied s13 was ricer but thanks for your inpit....what do you drive again?
because im curious to see your "rice" and trust me i do know how to spell. hard to type while driving.
you shouldt be typing while driving! that is dangerous for you and more important the ones around you ......now back to what i drive .. i sold my car for a more green fuel efficient toyota prius with factory xenon head lights not any of these knock off ebay 8k bullshit kits like you ricer boys rock in smyrna
oh wow...we got a "green" person in here, but too bad your lil economy car leaves just as bad of a trail than other cars if not worse.

and as far as ebay kits on cars, the kits i sell aren't ebay, but sure half the other people in smryna have ebay kits.
2nd of all my car' headlamps come factory with them as well but nice try on that one too buddy.
Haha why not??? Its not that hard to mount them as long as you have a decent tire machine to go with it. Our machine at work just cant handle mounting lower profile tires. You really have to stretch the shit out of them!
first chance in smyrna son!!
1 - 9 of 185 Posts
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