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Which color/finish/color combo

My Volk TE-37 rebuild thread

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Alright guys so i know everyone on here has always talked crap about my Volks being abused or garbage. Well first off i would just like to say to those people, go buy more rotas and STFU. Now on to better things...

So i have been dealing with the contractor's insurance company in order to replace my bent TE and things haven't been going well. They will NOT budge with offering me 50% of the cost to replace the wheel. They keep arguing that they dont have proof it happened on their job site. SO... i decided to look around to see about getting the bend fixed and stumbled upon a new wheel retailer here in Murfreesboro called, WHEEL WORKZ. I spoke with the guys up there and figured out that they can fix the bend, but cant guarentee the paint to match. I also stopped by PowderPro and spoke with them about having the wheels powdercoated. Some of you may know Zong had his blue Enkei's done there at PowderPro so you know they do a pretty damn good job.

This is where i am stuck. I cant decide what i want to do with the wheels. I have many options as far as paint, powdercoating, and refinishing. I'm sure most of you know what the wheels look like as they are, but here a pic of them on the car to help out with the opinions and some pics of the colors too.

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Candy Teal I almost got powder pro to do same color for some wheels for me.
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