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Which color/finish/color combo

My Volk TE-37 rebuild thread

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Alright guys so i know everyone on here has always talked crap about my Volks being abused or garbage. Well first off i would just like to say to those people, go buy more rotas and STFU. Now on to better things...

So i have been dealing with the contractor's insurance company in order to replace my bent TE and things haven't been going well. They will NOT budge with offering me 50% of the cost to replace the wheel. They keep arguing that they dont have proof it happened on their job site. SO... i decided to look around to see about getting the bend fixed and stumbled upon a new wheel retailer here in Murfreesboro called, WHEEL WORKZ. I spoke with the guys up there and figured out that they can fix the bend, but cant guarentee the paint to match. I also stopped by PowderPro and spoke with them about having the wheels powdercoated. Some of you may know Zong had his blue Enkei's done there at PowderPro so you know they do a pretty damn good job.

This is where i am stuck. I cant decide what i want to do with the wheels. I have many options as far as paint, powdercoating, and refinishing. I'm sure most of you know what the wheels look like as they are, but here a pic of them on the car to help out with the opinions and some pics of the colors too.

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Polish because thats the first time ive seen them that way!

How do you get new stickers?
Well i'm really planning on doing the chrome/polished now since i'm extremely broke and want to have them done by next weekend! But i'm not sure if i can make it or not. But i know of a place that makes replacement Volk stickers for the spokes, but i'm hoping to be able to stick the inner barrel stickers back on and have them cleared back over.
Well guys i guess its about time to post up an update for the thread. I've been dealing with some crazy shit lately with trying to have the bent wheel repaired. After all is said and done, i finally got the wheel back, didnt pay a cent, and have now dropped the wheels off to PowderPro. Richard ordered the powder yesterday, and i'm looking to have them done by next week. Just for a little teaser, here's a pic of some TE's that are close to what mine will look like.


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how much is the powdercoat?
how much is the powdercoat?
"if you have to ask the price then its more then you can afford"

quoted from GQ himself
Haha naw Richard is really a pretty cool guy. He cut me a deal on the powder since its gonna be a 2 stage job. He split the cost of the powder since he hasn't done the color i picked yet. But to answer your question Dan, it's gonna cost me about $350 to have them done.
love the wheels... very nice
whatever happened with these?
where did you have your wheel fixed ,
i have a small crack in one of mine and need to get it fixed
That's why I postd up pics of that Z. They look soooo good. lol. The Takata green looks really good on a black car too. Let me pull that up. (Sorry these are all on Nissans, lol, but you get the picture).

that car is Clean
idk if i agree 100% on the wheel color but i still like it
I voted teal :(
Sorry guys i've already decided on the color and everything already. Now i'm just waiting for Richard to finish them. I am also having my old blue RAYS lugnuts done. I spoke with him yesterday and he told me the powder should be in today. So hopefully i may have them done by the end of the week or early next week.
dude i cant wait to see these. they are gonna look sick.
Yeah i really cant wait to get these back! All thats left is to find some damn Time Attack decals to match.
god these arent done yet? i wanted to see the finished product
I want pics now
We want pics Paul.. Lol
We want pics Paul.. Lol
i think paul wants pics too haha, dudes still waitin on powder last i heard
Yeah i'm dying of anticipation just as much as you guys are!!! But Richard said this powder company always takes longer than the Dupont powder he normally uses, which only takes a couple days to come in. But i will post pics of the wheels as soon as i see them!!!
hey man i'm still workin on those stickers but the real ones are running $250 a set so its kind of hard to get them cheaper. But i'll let you know if i get them
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