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need help on a system

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i have about $500 to spend on a system im not into that bass that over powers the music where but i love loud define bass so any 1 that is good with this please let me know what my best option is im not

i drive a 91 fox body so i have a hatch no trunk bs
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One of the new kenwood shallow mount 12in woofers in an ported enclosure and I can pair it with kenwood amp for around 494 plus tax
2 12's in a ported or sealed box would be fine..
depends on what 12's but we'd do orion cobalts and a 600 watt amp.. maybe 8 and itd sound good
I had 2 15s in a 240sx hatch so u can put a regular box and sub in easy.
All u need is 1 kicker solobaric L7 10(wich i can get cheaper than ne one on here)
and a 6-700 watt mono amp.
still the box amp sub and wires are gonna run more than 5..
I can get sub and box for under 300, and my friend has a 600 watt infinity 125$
RE audio sx 12 or 15, i know no one has ever heard of them but they are THE SHIT! my buddy had one and it was SO loud but saounded so clear and clean
I would go with 1 or 2rockford fosgate 10's. Either the P1 or the P2 if you have enough money and the p200.2 amp will be plenty of power to run them. We do a ton of them for people. I put in a P2 12 with a p200.2 amp and a good size sealed box and it was plenty of loud enough.
p2's are good but p 1s are shit
the re sx's are the shit though. we got 4 15's in a little crx
it is amazingly loud
they are a little on the expensive side. u could go re re subs like 2 tens.. or one 12 re sr..
i have 6 re re 12's in my car and it sounds nice
for that type of sound in a hatch, i would recomend a single memphis pr 10" in a seald enclosure if you can find a dealer. feed it with about 200 watts.
cheap, easy to hide, more than adequate. even with a wire kit, you should still have enough to take your girl to waffle house for a fish sandwich, AND buy an economy pack of rubbers.

talk to shawnpepper on here. he's got the hookup. for the audio that is.

just do a small box with 1 10 inch sub with a small amp thats what i had in my fox and it was just enough bass
Race breed.. If you can hook me up with the L7 with box, If he doesn't get it and I could meet you.. that would be awesome. But I live in murfreesboro and gas is teh suckage!
itsallme.NWH said:
just do a small box with 1 10 inch sub with a small amp thats what i had in my fox and it was just enough bass

there you have it.

come to audiotronics today and we'll hook u up
next to sloans directly across from neill sandler..
its in the shoppin center with a tattoo shop and the rambo glass place
if u cant come up here u could call 8966292
I'm surprised to see RE mentioned here. That's our main line lol.
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